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5 Reasons Why You Need An Accent Chair For Your Living Room


An accent chair has been a popular choice when people shop for furniture in the last few years. A lot of people even use an accent chair as a main couch in their living rooms. Therefore, how good is an accent chair, and is it necessary for your room? Let’s break into this topic.


What Is An Accent Chair?


An accent chair is a type of stylish and decorative chair used in a room to provide an extra seating option while also adding a visual interest to space. Accent chairs can be different from the rest of the chairs in the room in terms of design, color, or pattern, etc., and often serve as a statement piece, drawing attention to itself as a centerpiece or complementing the existing decor of the room. These chairs typically have a unique design, and can feature different materials, such as fabric, leather, or wood. They can be used in various rooms like the living room, bedroom, or home office, to add both functionality and style to the space.


accent chair for living room


What Is the Difference Between An Accent Chair and An Armchair?


An accent chair and an armchair are both types of chairs, but they differ in their design and function.

An armchair is a type of chair that has armrests and is typically designed for extended use, such as lounging or reading. Armchairs often have a larger, more comfortable seat and backrest than other types of chairs, and the armrests can add to the overall comfort of the seating experience.


An accent chair, on the other hand, is primarily designed to add visual interest to a room. While it can also have armrests, an accent chair often has a unique and distinctive design, color, or pattern that sets it apart from other furniture in the room. Accent chairs can be used to complement the existing decor or to provide a contrasting design element in a neutral space.


Another difference between the two chair types is their placement within a room. Armchairs are often used as part of a larger seating arrangement, such as a sofa and chairs, while accent chairs are typically placed in a prominent location and used as a statement piece.



armchair for living room


Accent Chair for Living Room:
accent chair for living room



Why Should You Need An Accent Chair In Living Room


When buying furniture for living rooms, besides the main couch, an accent chair is also a necessary purchase. The function of an accent chair is to provide an additional seating option  while also adding a stylish and decorative element to your living room.  If you are still hesitating to buy an accent chair for your living room, here are 5 convictive reasons why you should make the purchase.


accent chair for living room



Adds Visual Interest

An accent chair can serve as a statement piece in the living room by adding a pop of color, texture or pattern. It can instantly liven up a plain room and make it look more visually interesting.


Accent chairs can be relatively easy to match if you use it for living room because they can be designed to complement or contrast with the other furniture in the living room. It ultimately depends on the design style and color scheme of the room, as well as the purpose of the accent chair.


If your living room has a neutral color theme, an accent chair with a bold color or pattern can be a great way to add visual interest and contrast to the space. In this case, the accent chair can become a statement piece and draw attention to itself as a focal point. Alternatively, if the existing furniture in the living room has patterns, an accent chair with a solid color can create a balance in the decor.



Provides Additional Seating

Having an accent chair in your living room can provide extra seating space for guests. It could be the perfect option for when your current sofa or chairs are already occupied. 


accent chair for living room


Enhances Comfort

An accent chair can provide a change in sitting position, allowing you to sit more comfortably in different postures for activities such as reading or watching TV. A swivel accent chair has been a popular chair for living room. It is  incredibly versatile, as it can be easily moved and rotated to face any direction. This makes them perfect for use in rooms with multiple focal points, such as a living room with both a TV and a fireplace. Besides, swivel accent chairs are typically well-padded and designed with comfort in mind. They often have high backs, armrests, and soft cushions for added comfort. If you have no idea which kind of accent chair to get for your living room, swivel accent chair can be a great choice.


Swivel Accent Chair for Living Room:

accent chair for living room



Offers Functionality

An accent chair can have additional features that may come in handy such as a built-in ottoman, swivel base or rocking motion, making it a multi-functional piece of furniture. Functionally, the accent chair also provides a change in sitting position, allowing people to sit more comfortably and in different postures for various activities in the living room. The chair's size and design can be tailored to the intended function and size of the space. Accent chairs can be used to create cozy reading corners, as part of a conversation area, or as a visual focal point in the living room.


As a Style Anchor

By selecting a visually-striking accent chair, you can use it as an anchor for the overall style of your living room. It could be a perfect complement to the existing furniture in the room and serve as a guide for other decorative elements. For example, traditional furniture and decor can be paired with accent chairs with classic designs, such as wing-back chairs or chesterfield chairs. On the other hand, modern or contemporary furniture can be complemented with accent chairs that have sleek and streamlined designs.


accent chair for living room



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